Our Brightening Body Scrub

Is your skin looking dull and lacklustre? Or have you noticed a build-up of dry patches and clogged pores? Regardless of your concerns, our body scrub is perfect for breathing a new lease of life into your skin.

Designed to gently exfoliate dead cells and thoroughly cleanse the skin, our body scrub treatment improves blood circulation for a healthier, more radiant appearance. At Sabai Massage, we use natural, safe products for all of our treatments, allowing the skin to be rejuvenated without using any harsh chemicals. This makes the body scrub perfect for all skin types and can even help towards reducing acne breakouts but removing any dirt-up that has been embedded deep into the layers of the skin.


Our Body Scrub Can Be Used To Treat…

The gentle yet regenerating nature of our body scrub treatment means that it comes alongside a wealth of benefits, helping to tackle a number of common skin concerns. These include:

Dry Skin

Through removing the upper layer of dead cells, lotions will sink deeper into the layers of the skin, helping to nourish areas of dry skin.


Regularly exfoliating the skin not only minimised clogged pores but can also make them more compact, reducing the risk of breakouts.

Signs of Ageing

As exfoliating helps to increase blood circulation and reduce dullness, you will notice that your skin looks brighter and more youthful.

Ingrown Hairs

Body scrubs remove any dead cells that could clog the pores and prevent the hairs from lifting away from the skin, preventing ingrown hairs.


The circular scrubbing motions used during a body scrub helps to smooth the skin texture and tone, making cellulite appear less noticeable.

Why Not Use Our Body Scrub As A Treatment Add-On?

Our body scrub is the perfect treatment to use as an add-on to your favourite massages, allowing you to leave Sabai Massage feeling thoroughly rejuvenated. We offer many packages, combing the body scrub with either our Swedish massage or facial treatment, maximising your results. For more information on our combination treatments, please do not hesitate to get in touch!



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Customer Testimonial

"I had a body scrub and Swedish massage at Sabai and absolutely loved it, I’ve never felt so relaxed! You’re made to feel so welcome and the room is so clean and professional. I’m really looking forward to booking in again and will definitely be recommending to friends and family!"