Purchase a 10-hour treatment package and save 10%!

It is possible to change your treatment for another on the day of your appointment, providing that they are of the same value. If you would like a treatment of a higher value, you will be asked to pay the difference at your appointment.

Treatment Name40 Minutes1 Hour70 Minutes1.5 Hour2 Hour1 Hour (Treatment for two)1.5 Hours (Treatment for two)
Traditional Thai Massage£55£75£105£145
Upper-Body Massage£50£70£95£135
Oil Massage£55£75£105£145
Swedish Massage£55£75£105£145
Firm Hot Stone Massage£60£80£115£155
Thai Foot Massage£50£70£95£135
Deep Tissue Massage£60£80£115£155
Combination: Traditional Thai Massage & Aromatherapy£55£75£105£145
Combination: Aromatherapy & Firm Hot Stone Massage£60£80£115£155
Combination: Traditional Thai Massage & Deep Tissue Massage£60£80£115£155
Full Body Scrub£60
Combination: Full Body Scrub & Swedish Massage£85
Combination: Full Body Scrub & Facial Massage£90
Facial Massage (Includes Head Massage)£55£75
Combination: Facial Massage & Thai Head Massage£55£75
Combination: Firm Hot Stone Massage, Facial Massage & Swedish Massage£120
Combination: Facial Massage & Swedish Massage£85

All spa treatments include a head massage