About Our Thai Foot Massage

A Thai Foot Massage is ideal for those who spend a huge percentage of their day on their feet and arrive home each evening filled with aches and pains on the feet and legs.

Cushions and bolsters are placed under the head and knees to support the body throughout the massage and achieve maximum comfort. A Thai Foot Massage involves stretching of the feet, ankles and legs to loosen the joints and a promote healthy circulation before pressure is added to the main energy lines. Your massage therapist will then continue to work on the main reflexology points to encourage a positive energy flow throughout the body. Each reflexology point relates to a specific organ, bone or body system; health issues can be pinpointed then banished simply through targeting these points. Each foot is worked on one by one, while the other is wrapped tightly in a towel to hold warmth and maintain relaxation.


Benefits of a Thai Foot Massage

  • Eliminates pressure and tension of the muscles
  • Helps to detoxify the skin and body
  • Stimulates blood circulation to all sections of the body
  • Works towards relaxing the brain and clearing the mind to promote a better nights sleep
  • Increases the internal performance of vital organs
  • Massaging the thyroid reflexology point will help to encourage production hormone
  • Stimulates the skin cells which as a result achieves a healthy shine to the skin


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Customer Testimonial

"Cannot recommend a Thai Foot Massage enough! The team at Sabai Massage are so friendly, instantly making me feel welcomed and comfortable. My massage was incredible, and I left feeling as if I was walking on clouds!! "