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The art of massage is the main source of relaxation in almost every continent around the world; it is used to treat the mind, body and soul. The science of massage states that an effective message must be done with care, love and compassion to rebalance the body’s energy and clear the mind. While using the rhythm and weight of the hands are used to relax and heal the body naturally. Both of which are the rules we strictly stick to at Sabai Massage.

At Sabai Massage, we have a passion for tailoring traditional Thai massage techniques to the health needs of each client, whether this may be mental or physical wellbeing. Not only do our specialist massages help to detoxify the body, improve breathing and heal injuries, but will also help to achieve mental clarity.

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Sabai Massage has years of experience in the industry, so have perfected the most effective techniques to achieve ultimate relaxation and tranquillity. All massages aim to heal the body and mind naturally through a combination of carefully selected massage methods and plant-derived essential oils.

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Massages can dramatically benefit your health from improving breathing to better circulation to vital organs.


All treatments are at a cost-effective price, so treating yourself to a day of relaxation is stress-free and straightforward.

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Our massage therapists will discuss any health issue, aches and pains to ensure that massages focus on banishing problems.

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Sabai Massage is proud to have built up an exceptionally high reputation and are thrilled to share positive feedback on customer experiences.

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