About Our Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage is the most effective option for those who have chronic tension or sport-related injuries that cannot be solved through any other form of massage. Various areas of the hands and arms are used, such as the elbows, knuckles, forearm and fingertips to apply firm pressure in slow strokes to problem areas. The aim of a Deep Tissue Massage is to target the deepest layers of the tissue to treat the ligaments, tendons and protective tissues.

Our massage therapists will work with you over a period of a few months to help you to recover from injuries, chronic muscle pain and strains. Common problem areas include the shoulders, neck, upper back, lower back and legs.


Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

  • Dramatically speeds up injury rehabilitation
  • Improves postural problems and eases mobility
  • Works towards lowering high blood pressure
  • Can help to reduce pain caused by arthritis
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Breaks down scar tissue to speed up the healing process
  • Improved blood flow and circulation


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Customer Testimonial

"I suffered a shoulder sprain through playing several different sports which was becoming progressively worse and caused me a lot of problems. My personal trainer suggested a deep tissue massage to free up the muscle and help ease the pain. I was honestly shocked at how effective it ended up to be. I ended up going back to Sabai Massage each week to work on my shoulder, and I’m now completely pain-free, back to being active. A huge thank you! "