About Our Firm Hot Stone Massage

Stones are perfect for retaining heat which makes them ideal for working into the muscles on a deeper level to release knots and ease movement. Heated stones have been used traditionally for more than 2,000 years as they are thought to improve organ functionality.

The massage will begin with traditional techniques to prepare your muscles for the pressure of the hot stones. Stones are delicately placed along the spine and the legs, then often in the palms of your hands and between your toes. The placement of the stones are incredibly strategic; each point balances your body’s internal energy, relaxing the mind and body. The stones will then be used in the hands of the massage therapist to glide of the skin and kneed into areas filled with tension.


Benefits of a Firm Hot Stone Massage

  • Motions used in a Hot Stone Massage help to relieve pain and eases movement
  • Releases muscle tension to increase joint flexibility
  • Encourages healthy blood circulation
  • Helps to reduce pain including menstrual pains
  • Promotes deep relaxations to help insomnia
  • Balances your energy to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relaxes tense muscles to reduce aches


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Customer Testimonial

"I was having trouble sleeping while pregnant and was feeling very anxious about entering the new chapter of my life. A friend suggested treating myself to a massage, and I can’t express how much it helped me. I booked in regularly for the rest of my pregnancy, it really helped me to relax, clear my mind and give myself the good nights sleep I needed! "